Have an Ideal Day!

You know you’ve heard or read them, words given by well-meaning people who would like to give encouragement, good luck, a slap on the back or whatever: Live each day as if it’s your last. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Seize the day (my favourite). Take one day at a time. . .


I started thinking about days when I don’t have to go to work—my whole day belongs to me, and I can shape, mold, knead it to whatever shape I want. Lotsa times when I get those kind of days I make a list that reads something like: garden, housework, art, exercise, errands, email—, phone—… Hmmm, looks like I’m in sort of a list-making rut, driven by schedules, pressures of my own making on top of my head. Less than ideal.

Then I thought: what about those days when I go to work? Can any of those days be ideal? Well, yeah. My career of choice has led me to experience all kinds of energy-infused days of happiness and glee. So my first word of advice to anyone who’s listening: get a career that you absolutely and positively love: many days of bliss will follow.


Aside from days off and work days, what would comprise an ideal day for me? Its ingredients could include:

getting unpleasant tasks out of the way (washing dirty dishes = water therapy)
contact with people—family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, children
beautiful scenery (from oil refineries to rolling hills)
exercise of some sort
fresh, crisp air
creating a flower bed
accomplishing a difficult task (like dealing with bank or insurance statements)
laughter of the belly-shaking variety
a chance encounter with a stranger
sign a petition
a surprise phone call
smelling sea or mountain breezes
eating (something garlicky/spicy) with family and friends
drinking (anything) with family and friends
starting an art project
finishing an art project
reading a really good book
window shopping
getting quality for a bargain

Each day gives us a chance to start afresh, leave the past behind (yikes, another cliché) and embrace the hours at our disposal. We can’t be like owls, with our heads going round and round making sure that there aren’t a few happiness tidbits that we may have missed. Ahead of me are days of all sorts and variations; I will do my best to extract moments of contentment and peace from each one.

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