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Enjoying the Season

LaFitterina: In addition to my addiction to Coffee, which I revealed a few days back, I confess that lately I’ve been addicted to watching Giants’ baseball games on TV. Games are scheduled almost every day from April through October, the Season lasting 160+ games, and each game lasts 3 hours or more. So, this is a pretty time-consuming waste-of-time pastime; yet, I have not been able to kick the habit. I’ve become pretty adept at fast-forwarding through the games, to get just enough of a ‘fix’ but still have time to watch the really important TV shows I’ve also recorded (e.g., ‘Married at 1st Sight’ — Quintessential Trash TV, Highly Recommended, 4th Season just began . . .)


Having the Giants as ‘my’ team is fun, since they’ve done so well this decade and they’re in the lead this current season. Let’s all root for them to get into the Post-Season championships, and then the World Series, which is always around my Birthday — it would be nice to have that hoopla as an add-on to my own personal celebrating.

Here’s a link to an old favorite MoveGirlGO post of mine that also celebrates baseball – BASEBALL TUTUS & TIGHTS — hope you find it uplifting.

Rooting for the Refugees

Mizzfit: This year there will be many refugees competing at the Rio Olympics. Their stories are heartbreaking and inspiring – to have no country, no home; in some cases all they have are their sports – but they keep their dreams alive. Let’s all root for the country-less athletes: may all the hard work pay off and may they be blessed with their heart’s desire – a few Olympic medals. Cheers to another weekend where we all revive our dreams.

[Img.Src: Hank Gowdy, 1914]

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