Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Kindness & Gratitude

FitnessFlirter: Last weekend I spent my birthday at a conference in Colorado. I found myself surrounded with messages of love, intention, vision and gratitude. I saw acts of kindness happening throughout the conference over and over again. One speaker’s inspirational story, Deb DeLisi, showed us how to transform tragedy to productive positivity with her Abundant Love Project. Another speaker, John Burgos, inspired me to share my own truth, out loud. And yes, for that I am grateful.


Being in the Woods

Mizzfit: It’s another beautiful morning in these here parts with a quiet lilac sky. I was out in the woods all week and got in some good hikes with some canine company. It’s so quiet, with only the birds, squirrels and scurrying bunnies making woodland creature sounds. I definitely enjoyed the break from running with cars dogging my every step. Are you close to a forest, can you get away for awhile, do you like the wild – if so, I suggest a walk in the woods, with all your usual safety precautions in place of course. Cheers to a fun weekend with as FitnessFlirter says, much love and gratitude.


[Img.Src: Tiger Love, 1937]

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