Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Time to Get Up!!

Ms. Bockle: I was listening to the iPod as usual whilst doing housework, and the song that got me jingling and jangling was: “Brand New Day” by Trevor Hall.

What’s My Body Mass Index?

LaFitterina: Not too long ago, I wanted to find out my Body Mass Index, so I Googled ‘BMI Calculator’, and went to What follows is the output:

BMI Calculator Results:
BMI: 19.37
Congratulations! According to your BMI score, you are considered normal weight.
Our Recommendation: Be sure to eat a healthy diet, sleep 7-9 hours daily and exercise regularly to maintain your current weight.

Some pretty inspirational advice, don’t you think? I invite you to input your stats and see if you get similarly inspired!

Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Moving…

Mizzfit: Yesterday I tried out a run in the mid-afternoon heat and boy was I baked like a rotisserie chicken. First the right side got blasted, then the back, then the left — hot hot hot. At 4 miles in I was nauseous and a little jimbly-jambly so started walking. After about 100 yards I remembered a video I’d seen earlier and was inspired to keep going. Why run when I felt like doo-doo? Well, to conquer the nausea, to remain in control and of course, to see how tough I really am. And my peeps? I’m tough, yo! With one stop for water, I made it home–take me out of the oven I was done done done! So, to inspire you I’m sharing a link to the video of Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona during his 400m race. Cheers to a lovely weekend!

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