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How Slow Can You Go?

LaFitterina: Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could get away with working out just just 20 minutes twice a week and achieve optimum fitness?! Just a dream, right? Turns out that some experts are promoting just such an approach — it’s called slow-motion high-intensity strength training. I’ve got a free gift certificate for an introductory session, and I’m really looking forward to my “free one hour of one-on-one personalized instruction from an expert personal trainer.”


In the meantime, based on reading about it, I’m trying the technique, which involves lifting to failure (can’t complete another repetition), doing just one set of about 8 repetitions (can be fewer), and slowly performing each repetition for 10 seconds in each direction. Using biceps curls as an example, today I did one set of curls using a 25 pound bar, 10 seconds up/10seconds down, and could not lift the bar more than about 6 inches on the 8th repetition. I also tried this with rows, triceps extensions, and lat pulldowns. Have to say I was a little embarrassed about doing such pokey-slow movements. Everyone around me was frenetically throwing around their weights and making it seem like their effort was way more than mine.

I wish I could see some instantly improved musculature, but all in good time. You’ll be hearing more on this from me.

Wisdom From Abstract Art

Ms. Bockle: I read an extract from Abstract Art Painting: Expressions in Mixed Media by Deborah Stewart, and some of what she said jumped out at me as being applicable to most situations in life–not just with creating art. The title grabbed my attention: “Getting Out of Your Own Way”.

“…you must be open to change and surprise along the way. You must let go of outcomes. It’s beneficial to work in different styles than you’re used to, to help you better understand your own process, likes and dislikes (in developing a distinctive skill or talent). You do need to have a plan and direction for what you hope to accomplish, but you also need to be open to changing direction. I like to think of it as ‘getting out of my own way’.”

–phrase in brackets is my own addition.

Thanks Again, Mrs Roosevelt

Mizzfit: I’m taking Mrs Roosevelt literally here as I have a long run planned for the weekend and needed some inspiration. Cheers to shaping ourselves, responsibly!


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