Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Thanks for the Memories

Ms. Bockle: I’ve just landed back in California after a super fantastic 11 day roadtrip, my head is so filled with memories zinging around saying, “I’m the best! Pick me, pick me!”

It’s hard to zero in on one aspect of the 2,000+ mile trip: the sightings of mountains, rivers, lakes, 4 BEACHES, a ferry boat ride, seeing kids play in a water fountain, watching grown men throw fish, walking across bridges, in Japanese gardens, amongst scores of roses, along forest trails, and block after city block. And don’t forget the huge trek up 17 very steep hills to see the best public library EVER!!


Here’s hoping that the inspiration and memories will be retained in my brain for a very long time, inspiring me to keep on opening myself up for unique, mind boggling experiences, even those that are just around the corner from where I live.

A Workout Gear Obsession?

LaFitterina: Apropos of this week’s writings RE: our exercise gear, I admit to a pretty serious obsession when it comes to workout clothes — tops, bras, and pants. My morning ritual includes figuring out what outfit I should wear for my daily visit to the gym. Then, at the gym, I like to keep an eye out for interesting outfits that the other women are sporting.


When I go on shopping expeditions, the Activewear Department is usually my first stop — I’m always on the hunt for something to expand my wardrobe choices. At the moment, I’m focusing on adding the following items to the mix: (a) Long-sleeved v-neck or scoop-neck tops made of light/breathable/stretchy fabric; and (b) Shin-length black tights embellished with mesh inserts. Preferably marked-down.

New workout clothes always make me feel glad and inspired to exercise. And, if people compliment me on my choices, that contributes to my positive feelings about working out and helps my motivation to keep coming back to the gym.

There’s Always Time for Haiku

Mizzfit: Back amongst familiar settings, I searched for the most succinct way to express my feelings of gratitude for the long trip I just experienced—my favorite haiku from Japanese poet, Narihira seemed apt:


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