Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


A Total Body, Mind, & Spirit Workout

FitnessFlirter: This week I tried a new class (new to me) called Rhythm Ride. It is modeled after New York’s popular Soul Cycle which now has availability across the US. The experience takes a traditional cycle class and blends in a total body workout with a core and arms focus (we do push-ups using the handle bars and use weights at the end). The music and instructor keep the messages positive and motivational which feeds your soul.


The class I took focused on opening our hearts and being grateful. Today I am grateful for finding this new class which is a total body, mind, and spirit workout. The inspiration has stuck with me all week.

Smiling, Kindness, & Exercise Are Key

LaFitterina: I appreciate being reminded to center my thoughts on components for making a day seem successful. I’m oh-so-guilty of frittering away each day, and thus goes my life, so I’m in constant need of advice for shifting a day (or a life) into one that feels successful.


To go along with all the great MoveGirlGO tips this week, I also found a handy and upbeat list on the omniscient Internet, specifically WikiHow. Seems like smiling, kindness, and exercise are key — if I remember that all weekend, I’ll bet it will be a success.

Emerson Versus Addams…

Mizzfit: I came across this comparison in a book and thought I’d share it with y’all. Let me know who you think had the better idea, whose words work best with your life?


[Img.Src: Bicycle 1892, Nancy Bird 1939]

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