Mizzfit’s Annual Running Review

This week will be chockablock full of our annual fitness assessments. A week where we look back and are shocked at how quickly the time went, wondering if we got enough accomplished. A week to review our training logs and see the highs and lows, and share our successes and slips – let’s get started, shall we.

If I was to summarize this year, 2016, in one word, it would be: trying.  And no, I’m not talking about being adventurous; there won’t be any interesting lists of me trying new things, alas. I’m using the less fun definition, where trying = annoying, stressful, difficult, taxing, yep — a strain on one’s patience.


All this was made apparent when I tallied up my runs and mileage for 2016 – a year where my mind was tangled and scattered and full of excuses. I’m down 350 miles from the previous 2 years, with a paltry 500 miles run so far, and an average of only 120 runs, 45 less than usual. Trying, indeed.

One good thing about yearly reviews is to see the numbers, to feel the burn of excuses. Cause we might have an inkling we’re falling short, and it’s good to get that wake up call, even if it’s an oh dark thirty, bleary-eyed alarm: wake up, wake up, wake up. I know I can do better. It’s just a matter of trying harder.

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