Mizzfit’s Mental Health 101

If we said our lives were like a well-made 19th Century French armoire, then the top shelves would be dedicated to good mental health, right? And on those shelves would be all our learned skills that lead to a better outlook on life. So, this week we’re sharing our tidbits on keeping mental health strong, cause if we don’t, there will be repercussions.

I don’t know about you but sometimes my, keeping with the metaphor here, armoire shelves are a little bare at times of helpful mental health aides. And this happens when all your life you’ve been more pessimistic and cynical — that doesn’t lead to positivity, folks. So yes, quite a few of us have a more uphill battle to get our heads to be less miserable and angry.

Let’s start with what I’ve learned along the way, yes?

1. Keeping a Journal — I use it however I see fit to write out crappy experiences, and it is cathartic every time. Something about forming the story into sentences on paper makes life more manageable. I was once asked why I wrote more about the sad bits, and what I’ve learned is that when we write about joyful times it can diminish them in our memories – yes, our brains can be cruel.

2. Reading — I go through a lot of books. Since I was a kid books have been my refuge. I’ll go to the library and pile up a stack, pulled from multiple sections, fiction and non-fiction. And when I need a break from reality, reading is a great way to get me centered again.

3. Running & Yoga — you know these had to be on the list, right? Yes, they keep the body strong, and if I don’t do them then, eeeesh, sad sack of a girl I be. If I can’t do my running routes I feel untethered, and just a tad twitchy. So yeah, try hard not to lose what you love.

Only 3 good mental health habits, Mizzfit? Yep. Told you, girl is learning her way to a more positive outlook on life, and stocking the shelves with healthy and happy experiences, one battle with negativity at a time.

[Img.Src: Woman writing a letter, Gerard ter Borch, 1655. Reading, Lilla Cabot Perry (1848-1933).]

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