GO for A Positive Environment

Here goes some mind-meandering on creating a positive environment. We’re not talking about recycling, conserving energy, electric cars, and the like. Rather, we’re talking about positive thinking and getting rid of negative influences.

pollyanna glad gameRemember the original Pollyanna story? — She plays “The Glad Game”, finding something to be glad about in every situation. Let’s all play that game. Find yourself reacting badly to something? That’s when it’s best to find a reason to ‘Like’ it rather than ‘Unliking’ it. Gradually this can become your default thinking. People tend to view Pollyanna as an insipid ninny — well, wouldn’t that view be due to their own negativity showing through?

I’m thinking that by keeping yourself moving, you will also keep yourself positive. That’s what MoveGirlGO is all about! Here are some “GO’s” that can work to make life more positive:

blue_goWorkout – I had to list this first, because it’s my go-to mood elevator! Exercising ALWAYS makes you feel better. Endorphins are ALWAYS there, waiting to be released to erase whatever’s ailing you. These truths are very comforting.

brickred_goTo the Library – What’s better than spending time in a serene environment, surrounded by books, magazines, CD’s, etc., all available for free — wowza! I find that librarians usually have a kind and caring sort of aura, so don’t hesitate to interact with them — it’s like getting a hug!

pink_goGet a Massage – Deep tissue massage does wonders for both mental and physical well-being. You may have to shop around to find a world-class masseuse, but keep in mind that any massage is better than none!

green_goInto the Garden – Even a neglected garden provides a cleansing environment — think about all that greenery (including the weeds) converting bad air into good! Then, by exerting a little effort to prune, mow, rake, plant, and generally dig into Mother Earth — voila, both you and the garden benefit in a positive way. Also, take time to pick some flowers (not the store-bought kind, which are pesticide-laden) and arrange them in a vase for indoor gazing.

gold_goTo MovegirlGO – The MovegirlGO website is here for you, to help you keep active and upbeat. Perusing fun and positive blog posts can improve your mood when you’re feeling at loose ends or a little down . . . so, visit us often!


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