Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Learning About the Body Through Yoga

St. Swartz: My husband asked me what I was going to do the other day. I responded that it was going to be a great day. I was going to yoga in the morning and a concert in the evening. He asked how could I get excited about going to yoga as I go all the time. I told him every time I go to a yoga class, it’s an event. I am always excited to go. It’s new every time.

body_ligamentsThis week a favourite instructor who is an anatomy junkie taught my yoga mates and I, all while guiding our practice, about our psoas and the importance of deep hip flexion and how this can contribute to core strength. The body is an amazing machine and I don’t understand most of what goes on, or even the names of parts of my own body.

feet_bonesMy journey in yoga is a journey in body discovery. I’ve learned that my foot and ankle are made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles. I’ve also learned some about my spine, shoulders, hips and organs. So everyday I’m excited about going to yoga. To connect to my breath and to my psoas, and learn about what this body is up to.


There’s a Day for Everything Under the Sun

LaFitterina: I just found a great website: National Day Calendar. And, it’s very fortunate for all of us that this weekend has some awesome “Holidays” to celebrate!

August 8
National Happiness Happens Day
National Frozen Custard Day

August 9
National Book Lover’s Day
National Rice Pudding Day

August 10
National Lazy Day
National S’mores Day

Looks like each day we will be honoring a yummy treat, so please remember to exercise in between those indulgences. Notwithstanding that this Sunday is day of laziness, I vote for making this weekend “National MoveGirlGO Weekend” in honor of sweat/sweating/being sweaty/getting sweatier!

Searching for Inspiration

Ms. Bockle: This week I was determined to come up with inspiration for new paintings from either my file called ‘Ideas for new art projects’ or from photographs of past travels. I chose the latter, one reason being that I wanted to go back and have a look at favourite places I’ve visited with family and friends.

morro_bayI started making a list—thinking that I’d come up with maybe 5 ideas for compositions—and ended up with over two pages of images that demanded : Pick me, Pick me!! Amongst the choices were burgandy coloured succulents, scenes from the beach at Morro Bay, sights along the waterfront at Martinez –which is really a challenge to take my plein air easel and paint right there– different images from the Santa Monica pier, 16 photos from Yellowstone, a huge moon rising, a lily pond in Hawaii, and an oak tree on a nearby hill.

If I don’t answer emails or the phone, you’ll know where to find me.

One of my Tip-Top Favourites

Mizzfit: A guy having this much fun doing a combo of break dancing and yoga and I don’t know what is pretty inspiring, right? His name is Arthur Cadre aka lilcrabe if you want to check out his other videos. Cheers!

[img.src: feet, anatomical body]


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