Let’s Race Through The City

Among footraces, the iconic San Francisco Bay-to-Breakers 12K (7.46 miles), held on the 3rd Sunday of May, is famous for lots of reasons: Longest running footrace (held since 1912); Record-breaking numbers of entrants (as many as 110,000 during the 1980’s running boom); Costumed or completely nude participants (nudity was banned a few years ago); Centipedes (teams of 13 tethered together); Scenic route through the City to the Ocean; Finish Line festival with bands, free refreshments, and giveaways. Needless to say, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience, repeated annually.

I participated in the Bay-to-Breakers 3 times, although not recently. I located a postcard congratulating me on finishing the 1995 race: “You finished 18,933rd out of 80,000; your time was 1:38:38.” A pretty impressive performance!

Here are my Finish Line photos from all 3 races — Isn’t it lucky that I had the foresight to wear the same bright pink shirt each time so there’s no trouble picking me out of the crowd!


Registration is now open for the next Bay-to-Breakers on May 15, 2016 — come on, who wants to join me? It’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable good time!

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