Snow Day: Running in the Woods

I had an awesome year running with my cousin while living in Missouri. She introduced me to trail running, and we ran in all types of weather. During the fall I had to stock up on cold weather gear. All winter we layered up and braved the cold to hit the trail.

snowy_wood_runThe most memorable morning out in the woods for me was a quiet and icy cold one. We were checking out a new route when it started snowing. I’m not a fan of snow, ice or cold but that morning I had a change of heart. The changes in the Missouri landscape through each season are huge. The winter had stripped all the colour out of the flora and the grey sky heavy with snow turned the vista into a monochromatic study. But it was beautiful in it’s own way. When it began snowing we paused in our run. I could hear the snow. It was small icy flakes that when hitting the dry leaf fall on the ground made a soft ticking noise. I was transfixed. We listened for a few minutes and then continued on with our run while the landscape was transformed by the snow.

I love the times when I’m running and the exercise and work my body is doing is totally eclipsed by what I’m seeing and experiencing being outdoors.


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