End of the Day Post…

Due to technical snafus this will be our first night post! As soon as Ms. Bockle is done with her busy day, her post will be winging your way, glitch free- we hope -fingers crossed!

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My inspirations to get this body moving for my planned (and spontaneous) ventures for this coming summer depend in large part on getting myself fit in the NOW.

With a steady diet for the rest of May–of yoga, stretching, weights, hiking new trails, trips to the gym and a swim or two thrown in, this body will be ready for June and July. No magical transformation—I realize it’s not going to come easily, but my arsenal is up for it, with an invigorated, motivated MIND that recognizes that my BODY requires some cajoling to keep moving: the knee brace, anti-inflammatories, ice and heating pads will always be within reach.


I have the dubious pleasure of hanging around when children are playing baseball or soccer, and have been meaning to do some walking around the fields while waiting for the events to be over. Yesterday, sitting and shivering on benches after the sun had set was an extremely uncomfortable experience, so I got up to take a walk round the place. Unfortunately, the path I took led to a dead end; if I turned left, I would’ve walked upon people having batting practice, so I retreated to the pile-inducing bench.

However, today it was an entirely different venue, the skies were blue, and the grass was beckoning. Still, I had to have a firm talking to myself to get out of my sedentary position. Waah, my feet are sore, waah, I’m so bloody tired, waah, I’ve had such a hard day. But I got over myself and headed around the field, spoke to a few children, waved and walked on. Altogether I walked three times round, and I’ve lived to tell the tale–and my feet are only slightly throbbing. And I’m getting stronger by the minute–mentally AND physically. Hoorah.

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