Say yes to running with friends

beach_runningI’ve had a few running partners. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them as we grind over the miles. My very first attempts at running were with older cousins while visiting family in Zimbabwe. We ran as a group, sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the morning, sometimes both. Men and women, altogether. The camaraderie made getting used to pace, breathing and any discomforts more than a challenge, they made it fun. On that same trip we all went on a family holiday to the seaside and kept on with our morning runs… my first experience running on the beach.

sicily_runningI would get up at 4:30am to run with a chick in Sicily. We met at 5am, 5 days a week to run around base housing. Our friendship was forged running around and around that blasted complex. I miss running with her to this day.

trail_runningMy sweet cousin introduced me to trail running. With her I discovered a joy of running in the woods. So quiet, and secret. I ran thru summer, fall, winter and spring with her. While I still detest Missouri, I came to love the trails there.

While I do enjoy running with my sister I far prefer our walking rambles. We can walk and talk for Africa. While living with her we got to know our neighborhood very well, I can still recall the name of my favourite tree lined street.-Hardy street.-I think?

half_marathon_runningI currently have a running partner and we have kept stride thru a few 1/2 marathons, trained for a marathon and both decided ‘balls to that’. We now manage about 3 days a week just 4-5 miles. The pace is easy and the conversation easier.

The people I’ve run with have seen me give up on some days, triumph on others, probably smelled me at my worst and listened to a host of blather over many miles. They are all some of my most favourite people on Earth. Running and walking with someone is an awesome way to forge a lasting true friendship.


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