Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


No More Waiting

Ms. Bockle: I’m not waiting for inspiration to strike, for the bountiful colors of sunrises and sunsets to move me.


I’m not holding out for the fleeting feeling of optimism to shift my bones, nor the questionable happy news of certain politicians rising in popularity.

Such moments are fleeting, as water rapidly flowing over rocks into a maelstrom of shifting imbalances.

Just keep breathing, feel my energy rising, sinking, rebounding, releasing, shrinking, gasping, holding, embracing, yielding, enfolding.

With unrelenting hope for the fresh moments of each new day to bring sparks of brilliance and joy.

These Boots Were Made for Walking??

Mizzfit: As I promised, an update on my stressful Wednesday at the courthouse: first off, my brain was fired up thinking up scenarios of doom and gloom. And then the oddest thing happened. Parking was bananas, so I was a few blocks away and had to leg it to make it on time, and then I stepped in gum. OR what I thought felt like gum, but was actually the sole of my boot coming off. Flap flap flap. By the time I made it to the security line I was stiff-legging shuffling it in order to not break an ankle. Flap flap flop flopping it up the stairs, through security, up the escalator, through the crowds – oh the mortification. Girl’s trying to be serious here and her shoes are flap flap flapping all the way into the courtroom.


Luckily, my brain was so embarrassed there was no stress for the rest of the morning, it had been burnt out by those soles failing, cause yes– both went in the end. There is no amount of planning that will save us from the weird discombobulating nonsense that life throws our way. In the end all a girl can do is rip off the soles, buy new shoes, and tell as many people as possible in order to laugh hard, and get ready for more craziness.

[Img.Src: Boots 1921]

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