Thank Goodness for Friends

How long would we last without friends in this mad crazy world? With no one to share madcap adventures, no one to hear our stories, no one to share a cup of tea/coffee with? Shrinks posit that life isn’t really full if one has no friends, and I think they also rank pretty high on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid. So this week we’ll be sharing the traits of our most unusual friends, and what makes them stand out from the pack.


What makes someone unusual in my mind is the gift of not giving a hoot what anyone thinks of them — and a touch of the wild in their nature so that you know if they were dropped off in the middle of nowhere, they’d have no problem finding adventure and then home again. I’ve had two friends with these qualities, one in high school and the other in my twenties – both of them fully awesome chicks with many quirks. The best being their ability to steam roll over the polite niceties of society and any other barriers to pull you right into their orbit.

For shy folks this type of friend makes all the difference in life, with them you’ll visit places like Medieval Times with its jousting knights and serving wenches, something that would never happen, usually. What I learned well from my friends was that it’s dangerous to say no all the time, because if you do your life becomes ever more quiet and adventure-less.

[Img.Src: Two Friends, 1901]

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