Top 5 Christmas Favorites

Please allow me to ramble on about some of the things I like best about Christmas, which fall into the following TOP-FIVE categories:

XMAS DECORATIONS — Our world is suddenly once again filled up with Sparkling Lights, Ornament-laden Trees, Wreaths, Poinsettias, Snowmen, Santas, Reindeer — mesmerizing eye candy! Even the most humble abode can be made into a twinkling vision.

XMAS CARDS — Cards that are elaborately made and well-designed represent a mini-gift. Getting these mini-gifts in the mail and reading the messages from loved ones is a unique and joyous part of the Season. And, if my cards are written and mailed no later than Christmas Eve, I declare a major victory.


XMAS SHOPPING — A big bonus of the Season is that it’s mandatory to do lots of shopping, one of my favorite pastimes. The stores are decorated to the hilt, and everyone is in a state of frenzy. The highlight is going to San Francisco to shop, experiencing the crowds and admiring the window displays — Macy’s features adorable cats and dogs for adoption (hard to resist). Only 7 shopping days are left for me to continue the quest to find lots of lovely gifts to buy. I hope all my gift-ees will be thrilled by my selections!

XMAS GIFT-WRAPPING — Unlike a lot of people, the ritual of wrapping presents has always been fun for me. To elaborate on this — I love the whole process of locating just the right box, measuring out and cutting the wrapping paper, getting the paper taped on and ribbon tied up so it looks perfect, making a spectacular bow, and attaching the gift tag. It’s especially gratifying when I can use recycled paper, recycled ribbons and bows, and recycled gift tags — I always salvage as much as I can after the gifts have been unwrapped, and I’m often able to get multiple years of use out of what otherwise would long ago end up as landfill.


XMAS SWEETS — The abundance of festive food everywhere I turn is another special aspect of Christmas. I’m mostly referring to cookies and candy, which I find irresistible. My most fervent wish for Christmas is that there will not be an ounce of weight gain.

[Img.Src: Victorian Christmas card, Florida Christmas 1965]

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