Venturing Into 2017

During the last week of 2016 I was filled with confidence, hope and enthusiasm about new ventures to explore in the next year. I’ve got plans to make new ‘firsts’, get out of my comfort zone and try new ways to get this body moving.

A last highlight of 2016 was a (road) excursion up to the summit of Mt. Diablo–and even though it was a relatively hazy cloudy day, the vistas were brilliant–sunbeams, rolling hills, rock formations, velvety greenness, gnarly trees and on and on. What a fantastic way to end off a year, whose backside I happily kicked to the back of beyond.


The energy from that Mt. Diablo visit, communications with my lovely family, the refuge I call home–have strengthened and given me hope for the coming days.

Taking a leaf from Mizzfit, I’m not listing my resolutions here for all to see, so don’t go looking for any lists for plans of action–or lack thereof. That isn’t to say that I don’t have dreams and goals–I just don’t want to post them here, there, or anywhere. They’re safely in my mind (not the recesses), facing me daily, beckoning for their release from the planning stages to actual reality. I’d like to report back at the end of January about short-term goals being accomplished.

Going back to the idea of new ventures: this week I accomplished a FIRST: a meditative workshop that was to instill clarity and creativity. After the meditation, our small group retreated to a studio to produce some art. A group-led meditation was new for me, and I keep getting throwbacks of peace and contentment when recalling the session.

This month, and forevermore, I will be doing Yoga, stretching, lifting weights, and using my new roller cylinder device to work out the kinks in my bum, thighs and calves. New to this year will be combining physical therapy with Yoga, and also trying out acupuncture–with a determination to rid myself of the debilitating effects of sciatica–of which the less dwelt on the better!

Here’s to being pain-free whilst traveling up and down the many twists and turns that 2017 has to offer!

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