Well Toned Gratitude

Gratitude is certainly subjective, personal, and changeable daily, so I’ll start with something that directly relates to fitness motivation — I’m grateful for having a terrific venue for exercising.  I’m lucky enough to have a ritzy place called Bay Club about 10 minutes drive downhill from home.

Bay Club
Both the exorbitant dues and resort atmosphere are motivations for me to show up and take advantage of the classes, equipment, and amenities that are offered. I spend umpteen hours at this place, so I need it to be motivating, and it is!

Bay Club offers free coffee and tea until 11:30 am, so every morning it’s my goal to get there in time for green tea with milk, and I’m euphoric when I’ve beaten the clock.  So, having made it to the gym, I can’t help but start working out — don’t you find that once you get started, you usually end up doing more than you had hoped to ?  I hear this all the time in the locker room — mixed in with how glad everyone is to be done with today’s workout.

It’s gratifying to develop friendships with my fellow members, which also motivates me to go to the Club.  What a super feeling to exit the Club after having accomplished so much, and to appreciate how the day has developed some structure and substance.

exercise + work

Another thing I’m sure grateful for are endorphins — those chemicals released when you exercise — known for reducing the sense of pain and making you feel good (“runner’s high”).  I also believe that exercising increases much-needed brain power — I highly recommend studying for exams while working out (treadmill, stationary bike, etc.).  In fact, I’ve been writing this post while on the elliptical trainer, my current cardio machine of choice, and am totally getting into it (sound of laptop crashing to the floor — guess we’re done here) . . .
Grateful for auto save . . .

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