Finding My Strength

This week is all about our strength. When my body isn’t feeling as strong as usual, I rely on my inner strength to help keep things moving. I am consistently reminded how my motivation and workouts are influenced by my thoughts and attitude. The good news is these are things that are completely under my control.

Here are a few habits, which I am sure I have shared before, that I believe help build inner strength:

  • Practice daily gratitude – try a gratitude journal or a thank-you prayer for 3 things from the day before
  • Stay positive – I do my best to keep my thoughts, words, and surroundings positive
  • Strength in numbers – reaching out to family and friends for support when I need an extra boost is always helpful
  • Forgive – Forgiveness is more for yourself… it just means that I have accepted the situation and would like to move forward; the most important person to forgive is myself
  • Reward accomplishments – quite often I am telling myself good job or treating myself to the spa because I reached a goal, even the small stuff can get a personal high-five.


I am sure that you can add your own habits to this list. Strength comes in many forms. Inner strength: finding, building, and allowing it to grow – that is the beauty of it.

[Img.Src: Below Sugarloaf, 1973]

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