What’s On The March Playlist?

Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere, or at least that’s what it says on the calendar – bringing with it the sounds of rain, birds trilling, streams rushing towards the sea and Iggy Pop’s new album, Post Pop Depression. And that’s what we are sharing this week – what songs, artists and albums have made our March just that much better.


There was a time a few years back when I would listen to hard rock on the way to work, the angry tunes suited my angry self. It seems like no matter what mood we find ourselves in, there will be music that suits us perfectly. Lately however, I find myself in a no-music-zone — my truck radio stays quiet, and my home stereo has a layer of dust on it from disuse. I have no interest in hearing any of my old iTunes playlists, and no desire to create any new ones – it’s an odd place to be, where none of the old songs work for me, do they make listless tunes? Oh wait, I think that’s elevator/on hold muzak.

For now it seems that silence reigns, maybe my head is too full of thoughts and worries that it has no room to let in more noise, however tuneful it may be. I know, let’s blame it on meditating where I battle to get my mind to focus on breathing – I don’t want any damn song lyrics buzzing around causing me to go just a little more bananas…

[Img.Src: Portrait of an Unknown Aussie Woman, 1925]

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