Workout Snack: Be Philosophical…

greek_amphoraLife is a balancing act. I firmly believe that, as the Greek philosophers used to say: EVERYTHING SHOULD BE DONE IN MODERATION. My body’s need for exercise and activity needs to be balanced by its need for fuel—one can’t punish ones muscles and flesh by brutal workouts. We’ve learnt that the body will go to the best source for fuel and start consuming muscle tissue if we don’t give it the staff of life. For some, the staff could be bread, others might like beans on toast. But let’s talk about what I like.

lunchboxesWhether I’m heading to work—with or without a workout included, I have my little blue lunch bag with me, and it’s filled with a variety of 4 or 5 different items. If it’s an all day away from home kind of day, then I’ll pack breakfast, snacks and lunch. On a typical day, one would find a banana, a Cliff mojo bar, a plastic container that contains Greek plain yogurt, fruit and granola; either a salad (lettuce, couscous, beets), or a sandwich (wholewheat bread, lettuce, turkey/fish, avocado/tomato), an apple or an orange. I count the items: hardly ever do I leave home with less than 4 goodies.

I don’t always finish everything, and I’ve got the soggy granola and well-travelled black banana to prove it. Mindful that every bite should contain fiber, protein or both, I’m pretty mindful to eat healthy. If I head to the gym for a quick workout, then I’ll throw either a banana or a bar in my bag.

The other day, doing weights and yoga at home, I started my workout routine after my morning tea. When I started lifting the weights I had that nasty light-headed feeling, so ate a banana. (I know you’re not supposed to do yoga after eating, but oh well.) That banana sustained me for the next 45 minutes of my routine.

My fitness programme and diet aren’t as well-planned out as they could be for my best optimum performance—I’m still learning how to improve and get stronger (and not wider). It’s all daily baby steps, mostly in the right direction.

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