Do You Have 20 Minutes to Spare?

In an average week it’s recommended that we get 150 minutes of aerobic exercise and 2 sessions of strength training in order to keep healthy, and hopefully ward off chronic diseases or help control them. That 150 can be broken down into 21 minutes a day for the whole week – can you fit in a 20 minute walk/run into your day? I know, I know I’m just one more person sharing information that somehow doesn’t seem that motivating, right? Sure, it’s just 20 minutes a day but if there’s no joy or zest then it’s not likely to stick as a healthy habit.


So, instead, I’ll ask– what made you light up like a firecracker when you were a kid? Because chances are once you remember that joy and put your mind to translating that enthusiasm into getting up and moving – whether it be hiking, weight-lifting, line-dancing, boxing, scuba diving, running, etc. – you’ll be much more excited to lace up your takkies and go, as well as having a higher chance of embracing and adding your new/old lovely healthy habit into your daily schedule. Only you know what will work best for the time and energy you have, but if you find something awesome to do in 20 minutes, please share the activity – spread the joy, and let us hear about it!

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