My Running Year in Review

What with it being nearly the end of 2015 one thought might start criss-crossing our good brains over and over, “Have I accomplished anything this year?”. While evaluating whether we’ve been naughty or nice, let’s remember to try and be kind to ourselves– even Mother Theresa had moments where she ate all the M&Ms in a sharing size pouch… And yes, this week we’ll be evaluating our fitness year and sharing the results, so strap in ’cause it’s been a wild and woolly year all around.


This year, so far, I’ve gone running 154 times with a total mileage of 834 miles. Is that good, is that bad, not enough, could do better, why didn’t I run more in April and October??…that’s what happens with evaluations, more questions than answers. Luckily, I keep a running journal so I don’t have to rely on simple numbers to tell whether I’ve had a good year or not. Flipping through I can see that in January I ran 8 miles for the first time, that I like to run in all weathers but love to run in the rain, that I remind myself to take nothing for granted and enjoy a good running playlist featuring Elvis, The Black Keys, Deadmau5, etc…

How was my running different than last year? Well, I ran while on a road-trip, exploring new cities and being rewarded with beautiful vistas and a big smile at my intrepidness! I also took part in a Veterans Day 5k run and a Turkey Trot – both hugely enjoyable experiences. I love to run, to pull on my tights and lace up my takkies and head out the door – not much can beat it for making me feel better about living in this mad crazy world.

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