Body Lesson #4

Commit to new challenges

In a class a few years ago, we were being instructed into an arm balance pose. I sat back and watched my fellow yoga mates go for it. I didn’t even shift my ass at all. I watched this chick across from me awkwardly trying to get her limbs to cooperate and I admired her for trying something new and difficult.

What was wrong with me that I wouldn’t even try? I left that class a little ashamed and pissed off at myself for not giving it a go.  As soon as my comfort level was tested I backed off.  I made up my mind the next time when faced with a challenge on my mat I wasn’t going to sit back and watch someone else try.

This is your thing.

Since that morning I’ve splat on my mat more than I’d like to admit and had classmates laugh at my graceless attempts, but I’ve mastered that arm balance and more besides.  It would be awesome if I were naturally gifted at the yoga, and could, with ease, shift into an arm balance pose and then drift/float back into chaturanga, or catch a bakasana and push up into a handstand- I’m not, gifted that is, it’s challenging and continuous work.

The lesson I learned was this- commit.  Know that you are going to fall but don’t sit there and watch someone else try.  Yoga is my thing and I know that facing personal obstacles on my mat has helped me hone and use that same tool in other arenas of my life.  That over worked little catch phrase ‘just go for it’ is freaking annoying so I commit.


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