Excited for Summer Smoothies

If I were to pick a smoothie favorite, I’d have to go with any kind of berries, or mango and oranges. However, when I think of a drink that’s good, thick and smooth, my first thought is chocolate milkshake.

So it was with great interest that I read the other posts this week when a couple people mentioned chocolate protein powder: hmmm, I’m thinking–life could get immeasurably grand–I could go on a diet and still have a good dose of chocolate. A lose-win-lose kind of deal.


Also of interest was the blog post and its comment about the inclusion of raw eggs in smoothies, and the fact that some people actually put whole eggs–shell and all–into their concoctions, and serve it: bottoms up and crunch it down. I’ve had a dad and then a husband who somehow learned (from Adelle Davis–Lets Eat Right to Have Healthy Children) about the gloriousness of egg shells. I acquired amazing skills of avoidance at an early age that carried me on through adulthood.

Healthy Smoothies?

There are places one can go to get REALLY healthy smoothies, with a shot of wheat grass infused for that extra bit of vigor and vitality. It’s terrific that wheat grass can cure anything from a hang nail to cancer, but put that stuff into any smoothie, and all you can taste and smell is cow dung. Looks like a smoothie, but whiffs of cow dung occur till the very last drop.

My last thought is to go back to those recipes from LaFitterina and St. Swartz, get those ingredients (leaving out the vanilla nonsense) from their concocted smoothies, and with my mini infuser stick, I’ll be set to create a brand new me.

Who knew that smoothies could be so exciting?

[Img.Src: Fresh Mango Smoothie]

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