Gotta Reach Those Goals

It may be general knowledge that the consequences of failing to complete a workout can lead into a downward spiral. So the opposite is clearly obvious: completion = accomplishing goals and acquiring a better self image, strength and improved health.

yogadaysI don’t have a problem getting through my yoga and weights routine and I’m happy to report that I’m getting more consistent with workouts 3 times a week. But then there’s the walking, cycling or swimming – when there’s a sudden dwindling of energy, will power, shortness of breath, or pain in the joints that hamper the workout: the temptation is to call it quits. I use these remedies to keep me moving.

longwaytowalkOne of my main ways to exercise is simply walking. I keep my eyes peeled, as I have a great need for distraction. When my feet start to ache, or the bones in my hips start to groan, I become a teacher or mother with a whiney toddler: Oh look at that rusty bench, now that wouldn’t be safe to sit on would it, but then it might be nice for some potted plants, and oh my, there’s an old car that needs some loving care, don’t you just wonder who used to go travelling around in that. And hey look, that old house is for sale, now who would buy that with all the weeds growing and the chimney falling down, and oh my there are some people holding a garage sale; yes, it would be a good idea to stop there ON THE WAY BACK.

go_headphonesThen there’s the gym, confined to rows of machines, sweating bodies and fashionable workout gear. There are all sorts of ways I can keep my workout going, whether it’s the elliptical, treadmill or stationary cycle: I read, watch a movie, or listen to music. If the movie or book is of enough interst, it might lead to an even longer workout. And the beat of the music has the power to make me move faster, increase my heartrate, and I’m thankful for the slow soulful tunes where I can walk rhythmically, waiting for my body to catch up to my heart.

And when it’s all over? I feel great, confident, ready to face challenges or create opportunities. Let’s not ever even think about quitting. Completing a good workout is ever so much more abundantly better, plus I have some stories to tell and songs to sing.

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