An Extra Dose of Love & Kindness

In addition to being the last month of the year, December is emotionally charged with all our expectations of “Happy Holidays!”  It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride what with the end of year reviews – seeing our hits and misses, as well as being exhorted to stay merry and bright and festive. During this chaos it’s easy to forget about love and kindness, so this week we’re sharing how we bring those into our lives and our peeps, and the community at large.

I can hear you asking, ‘Why this emphasis on love and kindness only at the end of the year?’  Well, the weather in the northern hemisphere is starting to get a bite to it, the nights get darker earlier, shopping can be overwhelming, loneliness is exacerbated, and does anyone look forward to office holiday parties? So, this is why we need extra love and kindness, as a bulwark against the turning tide of the year.


It’s important to create a welcoming and different-from-the-usual indoor space at home during the holidays — an uplifting, private oasis of festooned frivolous happiness. Strings of colorful lights are an easy solution, and a favorite way to bring a smile to my face every single night. Instead of bemoaning the early dusk, I now have something to look forward to: twinkling lights, everywhere.

Whatever your tradition: nativity scenes, inflated grinches, Santa on the roof, a 12 foot tree, candles in the windows, wreaths on every door, advent calendars, garlands on every surface, sending holiday cards to everyone you know, donating to food drives, putting on an outdoor light show, making charitable offerings, holiday pet outfits, family portraits, caroling, nutcrackers, baking baking baking – GO for it, the effort is worth it. You and your family and community are worth it.

[Img.Src: Johansen Viggo, 1891.]