Feasting on Fall Foods 

When all those different kinds of shapes, sizes and colors of pumpkins and squashes start appearing in the grocery store, I reach for my camera.

Hah, and here you thought I was going to say recipe book or saucepan. Aside from making curried butternut squash soup, my love for Autumnal veggies is for their aesthetic value. After their use for art projects or decorations for tables, they’ve dried up from the inside out and get tossed onto the compost heap.

Maybe this year I’ll let the pumpkins and squash multi-task and be a source of joy for my painting palette as well as that other palate.

I’ve experimented with all sorts of different media over a number of years, and here’s a sampling of what I’ve concocted:




I totally agree with what Mizzfit said regarding limiting our intake of food to what’s in season—and add that local farmers’ markets are great venues for obtaining seasonal and local produce. The ambiance of the whole experience is also good for the camera—maybe this year I’ll include the vendors and their customers for an art project.

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