Fitness Challenge? Not Today…

Fitness challenges be blowed. Facing the day is challenging enough. In the right frame of mind I may have enjoyed and embraced the task but not currently. In the first week of February my husband and I flew to Germany to pick up our new vehicle at the port town Bremerhaven. We flew into Frankfurt, cabbed it to the train station where we nabbed a train to the North Sea. There were no jumping jacks involved and nary a push up either, just a lot of joy in finding Germany so orderly, clean and the Germans so very pleasant and helpful. Once we were installed in our car we drove thru Germany and into Poland. Poland is even more fiercely foreign than Lithuania. Of course we had wretched weather the whole way, yay winter, yay northern climes.


The second week of February our last main shipment of household goods FINALLY arrived, a month late! A tip for your next transatlantic move- don’t schedule any large shipments over December. Our belongings were held up somewheres in the northern Atlantic and then again in the North Sea. I’m imagining this traffic jam of ships and rigs and whales and ice. Once thru customs we had our crates delivered and I spent the next couple of days reacquainting myself with all sundry of our belongings. And stressing out over the lack of cupboard space for all my pots and pans and dishes. But we were reunited! Joy joy joy.

The last few days of the challenge were again interrupted by a drive northwest to check out Palanga, a town on the Baltic Sea. We stayed in a hotel and first thing in the morning my dog and I got around to go on our first beach walk for well over a year. Sea air! Sand! Salt water!… Sun?…Jumping jacks???

[Img.Src: Lithuania Map c.1890]

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