Gotta Keep Fueled to Move

banana_fuelI have one word for you: CALORIES. Eat or drink smart before working out and there you go. Energy. Two bananas will get you through 90 minutes of cardio. Truth. Espresso may help you get thru cardio too, but with maybe a quick pit stop in the loo mid-way in your workout! Stay clear of energy drinks as they aren’t heart healthy. Over the years of running, cycling, walking or hiking I’ve tried all kinds of food and drinks to help extend my energy. Eating rubbish high in calories will not sustain and give you the strength to get thru your hour/s working out.

3mile6mileI eat according to what I’m going to be doing. Going running first thing in the am? I love up my espresso machine for those short 30 minute runs. Longer runs- half a banana schmeered with a nut butter. You may get a stitch while your body digests the food during your workout but your energy won’t flag at mile 4. If you’re working out to lose weight and you restrict your calorie intake then of course your energy will be affected.

whattypeofrunNot every run will be amazing energetically. Listen to your body. Some days I feel so powerful and unstoppable I chew thru miles like it’s my job, and yet the very next day when running my ass is so heavy and lumpy and it feels like I’m up to my thighs in mud. I slog thru each mile with nothing but ‘please let this be over soon’ as my mantra. I don’t know what goes wrong or what story my body is trying to tell me but I have no shame in slowing down and walking in the shade. Tomorrow will be another opportunity. I’ll get plenty of zzzzs, eat my sweet potatoes and quinoa, guzzle water and get up tomorrow and conquer.


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