How to Measure Success?

With summer over, even though the temps are still high, and fall coming closer – it seems it’s time to evaluate the success of those hot hot hot months. Did we reach our goals or not, and how do we measure the success of our summer? And that’s what we’ll be sharing this week – what makes a day successful.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure what success feels like. For most of the summer I was in the middle of my 100 days endeavor, which was an experiment to see where I put my energy for the day – and to try and get more things done than usual. Today is actually day 100, and I’m glad it’s over because as an experimental subject I have to say I didn’t feel like the best candidate. I couldn’t fix myself, couldn’t motivate myself, and having to write down every day what I did just made it clear that I didn’t know how to make the best use of the beautiful days I was given. I still have to evaluate the endeavor as a whole, to see if I can find out what leads me to waste precious time, and I hope I find an answer.

As for success, I take joy in the little things – going for a run, crossing off items on my to-do list, cleaning up the joint, keeping this site going, enjoying my creative pursuits, taking roadtrips & visiting family. I hope your summer was a good one, and that you’re happy with all that your good self accomplished.

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