Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays

It Pays to Be Kind

Mizzfit: This has been a tough week for a lot of people what with the executive orders filing thick and fast from D.C. All this turmoil leads me to think about legacies: what do we want to be remembered for. At the same time I’ve been reading about creating positive acts and being kind. Do more good things than bad. Dial up the compassion and lessen irrational anger. And in a timely fashion along came a quote in a book about happiness. Here are George Eliot’s words on doing good {and you know what, receiving no recognition whatsoever} from Middlemarch:

And if you need a bit of philosophy to understand why Amerika is trending the way it is here’s a video from The School of Life featuring Hegel a 19th C. German philosopher. Cheers to a weekend featuring loving kindness and compassion, it’s coming your way

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