Man, am I Grateful

Be Grateful AlwaysIt’s such a great thing to walk without pain. I’m so grateful to have learnt some moves to strengthen my knees, bum, feet, hips, shoulders, back…let’s just say unlimited body parts. Thank goodness for modern day access to specialists like physio therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers; even chiropractors and body benders.

Plus it’s great to be in an environment that has a focus on being healthy, knowing how to get on the right track to fix the constant aches or sudden tweaks that occur without warning.

Once I was just glad for the ability to walk from the parking lot into the shop without hobbling to the shopping cart to lean on. Then I found that I could increase my pace and go up and down hills. I learned to stop myself from thinking, ‘Gosh, now why is my right foot sore, when it used to be just my left one?’ Instead of concentrating on the feelings in my bones, I started to look around, became aware of the smell of flowers, fluttering of leaves and colours of grasses.

Hit the trailsNow, when I do yoga and some weights in the morning, I’m grateful I can go out later and do some heavy duty gardening—confident the effort will not have any painful consequences. I’ve learnt how to bend over, lift with my knees, and brace my inner core.


It’s also good to be mindful of the ‘now’, to live in the moment, to be aware of the progress made within each day—letting go of past blunders, accepting today’s successes and being more at peace when facing the future.

I’m embracing movement, reminding myself to ‘stand tall’, being grateful for my health and good eyesight that allows me to drink in the scenery as I pass through, in and all around it.


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