Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


A Few Bits of Gym Humor

LaFitterina: The gym can be a source of irony/humor, to wit:

  • In the parking lot, observe the people pulling up to the valet to avoid taking any unnecessary extra steps.
  • Also in the parking lot, get stalled behind cars slowly circling in search of a close-in space — yeah, those spaces on the outskirts could cost you an extra 2 minutes of walking.
  • Commiserate with the poor soul standing around in the weight room looking forlorn because his trainer is late — no thoughts of jumping on a cardio machine to warm up or, heaven forbid, trying to lift some weights without help.
  • In the shower, overhear a conversation between mom and little girl asking “What’s this?” Mom: “Hair Conditioner” . . . Girl: “Air Conditioner? . . . Mom: “Yes, here, let’s put it on, see?” . . . Girl: “We can use it in the car?” . . . Mom: “No! Don’t be silly.”

Maybe you have to be there in person to get the humor, but nevertheless, I hope you are inspired to see hilarity in many of your experiences this weekend.

Putting a Face to a Beauty Routine

Mizzfit: In tune with our week of post-workout beauty routines I thought I’d share a video from a YouTube beauty vlogger that’s quick and fun, thanks, Courtney Lundquist. Cheers to a good weekend!

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