Living the Frankl Way of Life


We’re devoting this week to contemplation of living our lives over again, with second chances being a good opportunity to make improvements and end up with a positive result.

In my quest to nail down my worst character flaws, and then imagining the ideal I should be striving for, I came up with this sample:


Overall, I wish I was more generous, loving and giving. This week, despite my resolve to start practicing better behavior on a daily basis, all I’ve managed to accomplish is to give some compliments to strangers. “I love your eye makeup” . . . “That is a really sharp outfit”. . . etc.

So, not really a very good start. To jump-start a more dramatic transformation, it might be a good idea to get some professional help, to steer me onto the path to living a better life. I’m betting it will be better than my self-help approach. Thanks for listening.

[Img.Src: Viktor Frankl portrait]

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