Persist at Yoga – 22 days strong

This year has been a true test for my being persistent and tenacious. Although I haven’t been either of those things very much before now. I admire the traits but am not too bothered to miss out on them. Probably shows too as I’ve only managed half marathons instead of the full. I love to spectate athleticism and am more comfortable in the stands than out on the field.

I signed up for a 21 day yoga challenge on the last day that I could, without missing out on the opportunity! I gave it much thought and poured over the studio’s schedule, counted and recounted, hummed and hawed- it’s just 21 days of yoga! But having to commit to this to someone else…eish major discomfort.


It hasn’t been difficult- in fact enjoying the daily routine so much, I tacked on an extra 10 days as my own personal goal. Today was day 22. No breaks. My body feels good, I’m very aware of my spine and the set of my shoulders when I’ve been out walking. My persistence has paid off in a great body awareness and a feeling of being fluid and limber. I’m conscious of my breath more outside of yoga. What other stuff will I tune into as these days pass and I keep pursuing my goal? I find that I am eager to find out.

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