Quotes of the Day #3

This Thanksgiving week we are giving you our very-best-favorite quotes. So, I decided to spend a few minutes looking at our MoveGirlGO archives to find some quotable tidbits written by my co-contributors. Lots of gems of wisdom! Time well-spent!


Here are some awesome quotes from this insightful group of gals:

Mizzfit: “. . . don’t hide in your sorrow, but see how you can help — see how you can make a difference, and learn to deal with the changes you have no control over.”

Ms. Bockle: “. . . these are times to start new traditions, adapt to new situations and still continue to embrace the fond memories.”

St. Swartz: “If I can put aside judgements, opinions and preferences I am more at peace with myself, my space and my people.”

FitnessFlirter: “If I am really feeling down, then this is a clue that I need to step outside of myself. I ask, ‘How may I serve?’ .”

Have the happiest of Thanksgivings!

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