Procrastination Rules The Roost

procrastination_queenProcrastination rules here. I’m submissive to her whip. It’s not an easy relinquish of my will. I’m aware of time passing and the punishments mounting. If I manage to attack a task in a timely fashion and the weighty yoke of my mistress stays alone in her dungeon of guilt and dread, then, I am the golden child! Triumphant, wise to the wicked ways of the world, and free to sleep in. Alas these breezy carefree moments are scarce.

In fact as I write this I have homework to do- piles of it. Do I intend to unearth the backpack and dress the table in books, paper, pencils, and my elbows? Nah. It’s time for a beer and some t.v.- I’ll probably be asleep in an hour. My homework will still be as fresh as a daisy tomorrow morning.


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