Remembering my Teachers

My second career is in the field of Learning and Development, which is Corporate Training. I love my job. The nature of the work is to train others, but more often than not, I am learning more from my students.

I recently connected with some of my former teachers at an event in my hometown. I remembered how much they inspired me and taught me. It really was their influence that helped guide me to a career that I love so much.

Being and staying naturally curious has kept me interested in the world. Holding onto that sense of wonder has kept me motivated. I bring that energy with me into the classroom. I remember seeing this same energy from some of my favorite teachers. That is what guides me to ask questions and really listen (learn) from others.

Letting my curiosity navigate me to my next learning activity is a fun process. Remembering those who have helped inspire me puts a smile on my face. When it all comes together – magic!

[Img.Src: Art Teacher, 1920.]

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