The Love of An Aunt

I think of my Great Aunt Mary often and it warms my heart. She taught our family so much during her 92 years on this earth. I am so grateful to be able to share some of those lessons with the Move Girl Go community. I lovingly called her Aunty Mary.

Aunty Mary would celebrate her family and friends. She would throw big Christmas dinners that would have course after course with multiple desserts at the end. There was always room for one more, so an unexpected guest was always welcomed. I have fond childhood memories of numerous backyard BBQ’s. She would host these to celebrate family birthdays and fair weather holidays. I was so happy to celebrate with her our September birthdays.


Aunt Mary (on the right) with her sister Theresa, in the kitchen, before one of the September Birthday celebrations.

Aunt Mary also showed us that women could be amazing in the business world. Even though she experienced the Great Depression, she and my Uncle were able to run a successful liquor store in San Francisco. She was a terrific sales person, even though she didn’t drink! Her charm and sense of humor kept the customers entertained. Also, her detailed bookkeeping and mindful financial choices kept them in a comfortable lifestyle.

Today I am an Aunt. I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful role model. I hope that I can continue the tradition of celebrating loved ones and integrating fun with business. Thank you Aunty Mary.

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