What is Today’s Safety Level?

With the spate of last week’s gun violence we have started to wonder about neighborhood safety and the trustworthiness of the police. It’s important to feel safe in your home, work and play environments – in order to live a fruitful life and be part of the community. And this week we’re sharing whether or not our neighborhoods are safe for walking, running or strolling.

One test of neighborhood safety is how comfortable I feel when it’s time to lace up my takkies for a run. On a scale of 1 to 10 what is my level of trepidation in setting out, and what is it I fear will happen? Does the time of day have anything to do with my comfort level: early morning, dusk or night time? Will there be other runners out and about? How about police presence? Long thought to be a deterrent to crime, nowadays a police cruiser patrolling the streets brings on mixed feelings: fear and anger, distrust etc.


Is Safety Possible?

Throughout the centuries women have always had to be more fearful then men about encountering violence in their lives. We’ve always had to worry about our own safety when venturing out alone, whether it is to run on sidewalks or through the woods – both carry a certain amount of risk. But we can’t forget that some neighborhoods and wilderness areas are more dangerous than others, and to venture forth in those one must have a courageous soul.

My neighborhood is relatively safe, with cars and angry drivers being the main worry. And if anyone needs a partner because they feel unsafe running or walking on their own, please leave a comment, and if you’re a local I’ll be your exercising buddy – we’ll keep each other safe.

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